Be the creator of your future – 27 aprilie 2024

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Gisela Ebermayer Minich

Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner

Simona Ciucur

are warmly inviting you at the launching event of the workshop series


 “Be the creator of your life”

 (in terms of Peace, Health, Wealth)


They are meant to bring together women and men, located in Vienna and nearby, with the aim of connecting ourselves with our inner wisdom and power, for creating a peaceful, positive, healthy, wealthy environment for our own future and our children’s.

 Many of us are well trained and informed. Theories and knowledge are at our reach.

What we want to do differently is to practice together empowerment exercises: 3 brain inquiry, consciousness expansion, guided meditation, laughter-yoga, EFT, energy dance, etc. which will enable every person to increase her/his inner peaceful strength and clear balanced vision through group power and vice versa. Finally, we create a ripple effect in our families and communities.



 Join us at the launching event for a taste of the powerful methods which we will practice during the series of workshops throughout the year.

Language presentation: English and German

Registration google form:







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Mă găsești și pe rețelele sociale

Mă găsești și pe rețelele sociale

Copyright by Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner. All rights reserved.