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Look in the mirror and imagine yourself, in a few years, more mature and wise. What would you ask yourself? How did you get there? How did you get there? How did you get out of that critical situation? What's the magic formula for a successful career and family?

I can now play this role for you! I am a friend with more experience, who has walked the same path a few steps ahead of you. I can tell you how I managed to reach the peaks and how I recovered from the falls.

I share with you what I learned in training schools but especially how I put it into practice: what were the ingredients of success in career, money, relationships, family, children but especially those of failure, losses and lessons learned first hand.

Come plant miracles in your life!

Bianca Rosu

"For 4 years I was a Mentor at PWN Romania and I had nothing but beautiful experiences. Last year I had received a very attractive opportunity for the position of General Manager which stretched my limits and made me think that this time I could also use some help, so I chose to be a Mentee in the same program. In the evening of the presentations I saw Oana and I admit that it was a rare connection because I resonated with every word said, both from a professional point of view - she was clearly a person who inspired me and who could help me in my step next that I proposed in my career - as well as personally, sharing a life story that gave me hope.

As nothing is by chance, even though Oana was the most requested of all the Mentors for years, I was very lucky and we ended up working together. From the first meeting, a bond was created that was so strong, we had the impression that we had known each other for a lifetime. I approached any topic with absolute ease and confidence, no matter how sensitive it may have seemed, clarified both my professional and personal aspects and re-established my priorities in just a few months."

Maria Ghitiu, Renewals Services Director West Europe

"Oana Năstase is a dedicated coach, consultant and mentor, with a lot of experience working with people as well as personal life, corporate management and entrepreneurship. She is warm, constructive, with the ability to communicate and to translate abstract or theoretical aspects into real life situations. She does everything she can to bring value to the person she works with. She helped me in solving some impasses and possible communication problems with superiors at the institution where I work, with the representatives of the parents of the children in my class. I gained clarity in my relationship with my partner, in my values and found key insights regarding the vulnerable points of my personality. I learned to draw my vision of life, and visualize myself in it, understand and use my strengths. I also explored my spiritual side and trained myself to meditate, connect with myself and access inner peace. I am grateful that I met Oana and that she offered to accompany me on this journey with obstacles in which I really needed a reliable guide. Thank you Oana, you are wonderful!"

Simona Miron, teacher and real estate consultant

You can also find me on social media

You can also find me on social media

Copyright by Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner. All rights reserved.